In order to provide our doctors and their patients with quality restorations worthy of the Treasure Dental Studio name, we’ve incorporated the finest digital technology into our workflow. With experienced CAD/CAM technicians designing and fabricating restorations, every restoration is fabricated to the highest degree of precision available.

Send a Digital Impression

3Shape Scanner

You don’t need to have an intraoral scanner to reap the benefits of our digital workflow. Our 3Shape scanner efficiently and accurately digitizes your impressions. Accurate to 7 microns, our three-axis scanner captures texture as well as shape, allowing for remarkable accuracy. Compatible with all open-architecture systems, we’re able to handle files from many intraoral scanners.


Specifically developed to meet the unique demands of fabricating dental restorations, our CAM 5-S2 mill allows us to create crowns and bridges that perfectly reproduce our CAD-based designs. With five-axis milling capability, even undercuts and realistic occlusal details are achievable, allowing us to provide our dentists with lifelike restorations that seat with little to no chairside adjustment. An eight-puck changer and automatic bur changer allow long milling cycles, improving efficiency and freeing our technicians to attend to the finer details of creating your restorations.