Lunch and Learns

Keep up to date with the latest restorative options and techniques. See below for some topics to choose from.

Teeth in a Day: This program is designed to increase your knowledge of the biggest trend in dentistry. One of the few fee-for-service treatments that has been successful over the past six years.The 40-minute presentation covers the Implant Center business model, how to implement it in your practice, and takes you through an actual case from beginning to end.

Predictable Profitable Cosmetics: Learn the techniques to create the smile your patient wants. Take control of the case from beginning to end through wax-ups and temporaries. A methodical approach will make the case predictable and less costly.

Product Updates: In the blink of an eye, a new product or another is coming to market. We stay on top of every innovation. Some materials are good and some aren’t. We’ll bring you up to speed on what they are, where they fit in your practice, and what the studies are showing in regards to wearing and strength.